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Events 2019

January 2019

Phoenix students Ben Palmer and Billy Baker present cheque for £515 to the Sandra Chapman Centre on behalf of Phoenix Karate and Instructor Vivianne Trorey. The money was raised by a Onesie week at the club and donations to Charlie's Christmas Lights.

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January - March 2019

Phoenix Karate Competition squad have competed in five tournaments this year so far in Harlow, Liverpool, South Shields, London , Malta and Clacton and have won a tally of 79 medals to date. 29 Bronze, 32 Silver and 18 Gold have been won by the twenty members and Instructor Vivianne Trorey 4h Dan is delighted. "The competitions we attend are top quality with World and European medal winners taking part in each they are challenging for the squad and anyone who gets placed have definitely earned their trophy. This is the largest squad we have had for some time a mixture of the more experienced and the up and coming it is so exciting for myself and the kumite squad coaches Dean Snowling and Wayne Trorey and Japanese Kata coach Jeannette Emmerson,  to see them perform and succeed".


In the first three months Mason Buxton has won a bronze, Bryony Brown 1 silver and 2 bronze, Aleaha Davey 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 bronze, Colby Duffield, 1 silver and 1 bronze, Kashia Wadhams 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze, Logan Webber 1 Bronze, Lewis Davey 1 Silver and 2 Bronze, Oliver Whittle 1 Gold and 1 Silver, Aaliyah Miller 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze, Billy Baker 3 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze, Leighton Kerr 2 Silver and 1 Bronze, Tay Emmerson 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze, William Snowling 1 Gold and 2 Silver, Ted Baker 1 Silver, Cory Newton-Adams 1 Gold and 3 Silver, Zara Williams 1 Silver and 2 Bronze, Jeannette Emmerson 1 Silver and 2 Bronze, Oliver Wadhams 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze, William Mortimer 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze and Samantha Mortimer 2 Silver and 4 Bronze.

Spring Grading 2019

The first grading of 2019 for Phoenix Karate students took place at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy on Sunday results were as follows:

12th Kyu Yellow Belt: Mia Wilson, Joshua Thomas, Syed Taha Tanveer, Paighton Galvin, Zac Gallie, Logan Blake, Paisley Hillman, Archie Edmonds, Jadyn McVey, Cara-Leigh Blake.

11th Kyu Yellow Belt Black Stripe: Josh Jay, Tommi_Lee Ardon, Ruben Godbold, Bentley Paul, Dominic Arden, Lexie-Jo Linkhorn, Isaac Banks, James  Edmonds, Callum Dorrington, Laney Marshall, Tyler-Lee Barber, Aasvath Rajivan, Isaac Hills.

10th Kyu Orange Belt: Aimee Linsay, Blake Saunders, Zainab Sankoh, Rubie Saunders, Rafe Benson, Kash Bilyard, Marney Blowers.

9th kyu orange Belt Black Stripe: Fraser Blake, Dominik Booyens, Fletcher Alfonso, Isabella Janusz, Alfie Phillips, Andrew Wild-Mills, Tyler Wilkins.

8th Kyu Green Belt : Ryan Bath, Ethan Abbott, Eva Mavroudis, Skyla Carter, Kirshanya Yokithan, Alex Chrena, Elliott Brown.

7th Kyu Green Belt Black Stripe: Lily Mai Green, Alex Found, Ashley Eudo-Mitchell, Laya Dileep, Rafferty Cornwell.

6th kyu Blue Belt: Oscar Fuller.

5th Kyu Blue Belt Black Stripe: Ashia Trevor-Massey, Jessica Smith, Myo Zin Han, Imogen Louison, Jasmine Dunn,.

4th Kyu Purple Belt: Evie Church.

3rd Kyu Purple Belt Black Stripe: Helen Scott, Bradley Chua, Amanda Chrenova, Sofia Mavroudis, Katie Taylor, Lance Din, Mason Buxton,  Domink Tibayan, Kirstin Tibayan.

2nd Kyu Brown Belt : Alina Anwar, Aaron Sumsion,  Samantha Mortimer, Bryony Brown, Thomas Hansell, Sonny Cornwell, Ethan West.

1st Kyu Brown Belt Black Stripe : William Mortimer, Logan Webber, Aaliyah Miller, Kashia Wadhams.

March 2019

Kumite and Kata course with WUKF World Champion Emily Waring 5th DAN

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