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Events 2018

28th January 2018 Liverpool

Leighton, Oliver, and Billy 2nd in Team Kumite

Zara, 2nd in Team Kumite

Johannes, 1st in Team Kumite

Leighton, 3rd in Individuals Kumite

Oliver, 2nd in individuals Kumite

Zara, 3rd in individuals Kumite

Aaliyah 2nd in individuals Kumite

Club Grading 25th March
KKO Open Championships Liverpool April 2018


Weapons Billy Baker, Zara Williams

Individuals Billy Baker , Zara Williams

Boys Team Billy Baker, Leighton Kerr, Cory Newton-Adams

Team foe EKA  Zara Williams



Weapons Zara Williams,

Individuals; Leighton Kerr



Individauls  Aaliyah Miller, Zara Williams

 Weapons Oliver Wadhams, Cory Newton-Adams

Boys Team; William Snowling, Ollie Whittle, William Mortimer


Well done also to Tay Emmerson and Kashia Wadhams who competed well but didn't make the medals this time.

WKF London May 2018


Jeanette 1st



Tay 3rd

Billy 1st

Leighton 2nd

Aaliyah 1st

Zara 3rd

Kashia 3rd

Team - William S, Oliver and William M 3rd

DAN Grading 20th May 2018

Well done to all our new DAN Grades,

Junior 1st DAN - Sadana and Jack

Adult 1st DAN - Miles

Adult 2nd DAN - Trevor

WUKF World Championships June 2018

More than 2,000 competitors from 32 countries attended the championships in Dundee, with 11 students and two coaches from Phoenix Karate School making the journey.

Eight-year-old William Mortimer, from Lowestoft, and 11-year-old Leighton Kerr, from Gorleston, both won bronze medals in their respective kumite sections.

Both had to fight off around 50 competitors in their categories to come away with medals.

Billy Baker, 10, from Hopton won silver in his section and Jeannette Emmerson earned the club its first gold at the championships in the adult adapted kata.

South Shields September 2018

Medal winners

Tay - Gold and Bronze in Kumite
Cory - Bronze in Kumite
Zara - Gold in Weapons Kata, Gold in Kumite and Silver in Kumite
Leighton - Silver in Kumite
Oliver - Bronze in Weapons Kata
Samantha - 2 Bronzes in Kumite
William - Gold in Kumite and Silver in Kata
Billy - Silver in Weapons Kata and Bronze in Kumite
Ted - Silver in Kumite
Kashia - Gold in Kata and Gold in Kumite
Aaliyah - Gold in Kata and Gold in Kumite

Well done all

London September 2018

the Phoenix Squad went down to london for anouther competition. This time they were joined by 2 other members of the club who wanted to try there hand at compertitions. All of the competitors gave it there all and there was a very high standard all round at the weekend so well done everyone.

Results are as follows

Gold; Jeanette Emmerson, Aaliyah Miller, Billy Baker, Tay Emmerson, Samantha Mortimer.

Silver; Kashia Wadhams, William Mortimer, Billy Baker, Leighton Kerr, Tay Emmerson.

Bronze; Tay Emmerson, Oliver Whittle, Leighton Kerr

Phoenix Karate Schools Autumn Grading

the Standard was high as always, well done to eveyone who graded.

European Championships Malta, November

the Phoenix Squad traveled to malta for the European Championships. all of the squad that attended did very well medal winners are below.

Jeanette Gold Adapted Kata
Tay Bronze Mini Cadets Kumite
Samantha Bronze Veteran Kumite Individuals, Silver Veterans Team Rotation

November Dan Grading

Congratulations to brother and sister Ebony-Storm and Travis Halladay on obtaining their Phoenix Karate Schools 2nd Dan Black Belts along with juniors Billy Baker, Benjamin Palmer and Cory Newton-Adams who earnt their Junior 1st Dans today at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy in Gorleston.

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