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Events 2016

ITKA Open Karate Championships on the 24th January 2016

Sophie Stephenson silver medal and Ben Fairbairn Bronze at the ITKA Open Karate Championships on the 24th January 2016. Also competing was Billy Baker.

East of England Championships 7th February.

Third place for Billy at the East of England Championships in Clacton on the 7th February. Also competing were Ben Fairbairn and Ben Brown.

AMA International  8th February.

Medal winners from the AMA International at Ponds Forge International Arena on the 8th February. Gold for Zara and a bronze for Leighton. Also competing were Ben Brown, Sophie Stephenson and Ben Fairbairn.

Interclub 13th March


1st Place: Zara Williams (three sections), Jake Brogan, Callum Lee Beck, Billy Baker, Emeka Nnene, Leighton Kerr.


2nd Place: Samantha Williams (three sections), Jack Long, Sayaki Sriharan, Ben Ashby, Ben Brown.


3rd Place: Ben Brown, Sadana Sriharan, Ashley Spence, Ray Job, Cai Wheate, Benjamin Tuck, Cory Newton-Adams.



1st Place: Leighton Kerr, Jessica Hales, Saksha Sriharan, Ryan Garriock, Ashton Smith, Raj Job, Jessica Smith, Korbyn Warman, Anna Hamilton, Ben Fairbairn, Zara Williams, Sadana Sriharan, Corey Garriock, Billy Brogan Jnr., Colby Duffield, Billy Baker, Ray Job, Ben Ashby.


2nd Place: Ben Brown, Sajana Sriharan, Ben Parker, Joseph Daisley-Cramp, Daniela Pantazi, Korbyn Warman, Samantha Williams, Kieran Carr, Carlton Hanton, Cory Newton-Adams, Jake Brogan, Ashley Spence, Oliver Whittle.


3rd Pace: Ryan Garriock, Kieran Carr, Sayaki Sriharan, Evan Job, Jessica Hales, Ben Brown, Daniel Hamilton, Max Marshall, Kavinaya Yokithan, Sadana Sriharan, Oliver Grisby, George Ross, Emeka Nnene, Geethanen Gnanakaran, Oliver Wadhams, Oliver Grisby, Callum Lee Beck, Evan Job, Jake Brogan.

KKO Southern Karate Championships, Sunday 1st May, Lowestoft
Well done to all that competed Phoenix Took Away 5 Golds, 6 Silver and 14 Bronze Medals! Well done to all!
Also Congralations to Dean Snowling On Getting Awarded his 4th DAN.
Essex Karate Cup Open Championships in Clacton 22nd May 2016.

Well Done to Billy who got 3rd Place in Kumiteat the Essex Karate Cup Open Championships in Clacton 22nd May 2016.

WUKF 2016 World Championships, Dublin,  Ireland

Phoenix Karate Schools and the EKA Team.

Phoenix had 5 Squad members take part in the WUKF World Championships in Dublin.

Although Unlucky this time around every fighter performed incredibly and did the club Proud!

Also Vivianne Trorey, has been upgraded from the position of Intercontinental Referee to a World Judge, after being assessed over the three long days at the competition.

Summer Grading 2016

One hundred and eight students from the nine Phoenix Karate Schools came together at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy on Sunday for the summer grading. Students from five years old to fifty performed in front of Chief Instructor Charlie Trorey 5th Dan and the Phoenix grading panel to achieve their next belt. There where also many Distinctions Awarded and the overall standard was high. Well done to all you took part.

IKU British Open Championships, UEL Docklands London 17th September

Ben F 2nd and Billy 3rd.

Toyakwai Comp 25th September

Zara 3rd in Kata and Kumite

Carlton 3rd in Kumite

Autumn Grading 2016

Over one hundred students took part in the Autumn Grading, with many distinctions awarded, and as usual a high standard was displayed by all students taking part. Charlie Trorey 5th Dan said "all the students should be proud of themselfs as they performed to a high standard and made the club proud".

9th October Sheffield

Zara and Samantha 3rd in Pairs Kata

Ruby 1st in Individual Kumite

Billy 1st Pairs Kumite, 2nd Individual Kumite

Ollie 1st Pairs Kumite, 2nd Individual Kumite

23 October Scoland

Final Tally of Medals from Scotland

Kumite (Fighting)
Billy - 1st and 2nd in Individuals, 3rd Team
Leighton - 1st and 3rd in Individuals, 3rd in Team
Ben - 3rd in Individuals, 3rd in Team
Ruby - 1st and 3rd in Individuals, 2nd in Team
Sophie - 1st and 3rd in Individuals

Billy - 3rd Individuals, 2nd in Team
Leighton - 3rd in Team
Ben - 3rd in Team
Ruby - 3rd Individuals, 2nd Team
Sophie - 2nd Individuals

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