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 What our Students say

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Aubyn, age 11, 1st Dan

I started Phoenix Karate in 2019 after years of asking my mum to join. It's all I ever wanted to do.
I love learning new Katas and techniques and I'm excited to learn new skills such as weapons like Bo, Nunchucks and Tonfas.
The senseis' and coaches are very knowledgeable, dedicated, helpful and make me want train hard to achieve my goals/dreams and make me the best I can be.
One dream was to compete at the WUKF World Championships which I did in July 2023 and gained a Bronze with some very hard competitors. It's pride and place on my wall along with my belts. I can see how far I have come.
My second dream was to become a Black belt, 1st Dan, which I spent hours of training and practice to achieve. I proudly wear it everyday.
Through my love of Karate, I have made life long friends and travelled all over the country to competitions. I hope to compete overseas soon.


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